Thursday 29 March 2012

Homage to Madmen. 10 magnificent magic commercials and 1 spoof

This might seem like a cheap blog. But it's not meant to be. It's just a bit of a homage to John Hegarty, Ridley Scott, Hugh Hudson, Frank Lowe, David Trott + all the madmen who made it terrific.

And anyway, it's one way to store my archive.

If you haven't seen the Carling spoof of Hegarty's Levi Launderette, go straight to it, number 2 on this reel and wait through it..... BTW - It was completely reshot with Hegarty's permission. 

But first up the original. Ahhh possibly the most powerful 30 seconds of film ever shot. Hegarty mastery at BBH and it sold Nick Kamen, Raybans, Boxer shorts and Levis by the truckload. If ever you questioned the power of advertising, just go back to this. 

Hope you enjoy them.


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