Friday, 8 April 2016

What we're listening to. Police 'Outlandos d'Amour'.

The Police, possibly better known now, as the band that used to support Sting...... 

Outlandos d'Amour means Outlaws of Love.  

Formed by drummer Stewart Copeland (an American who's Dad was actually CIA) in 1977, in London, as a three piece band, initially without Andy Summers (who was with The Animals), they were very much seen as coming out of the Punk era although their music isn't punk at all. 

The punk reference is a comment reflecting the Band's attitude and their music is often referred to as 'white man's reggae'. 

This was their 1978 debut and it really created a stir. A very new sound.

It was recorded on a £1,500 budget from Copeland's brother Miles and as a consequence, was recorded in down-time in Surrey Sound Studios over 6 months on and off. 

It was the single 'Roxanne' that got the band initial attention especially as it was about prostitution ("you don't have to turn off the red light") which resulted in airplay "bans". 

In fact it was inspired from a visit by Sting to the red-light district of Paris because it was near to a Hotel where the Band were staying. An eye-opener we would think to a lad from Wallsend who's real name is Gordon Sumner

"Can't stand losing you", "So lonely" (based on Marley's 'No woman No cry') followed as singles and "Be me girl" is a standout but for us, the real beauty is "Hole in my life". 

It's a great record because it signifies a time and as a three piece, still sounds fresh. Ironically few in Streamabout knew The Police (but they knew Sting) which just shows ya....cause it was nearly 40 years ago...

Here they are very raw from 1978.....

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Google SEO Search Ads Removal and how to help.

We don't ever point anyone to another Blog. 

Not just because we're precious but because, well, there's few we find interesting, as most Blogs are Ads for themselves.

But this one we thought was greatly helpful.

Frederick Vallaeys talks about the recent Google changes on search engine results pages and the changes to the layout of Ads. Nope, never met him or heard of him, but it's just because it's good.

Google are removing Ads on the Right hand side to replace them with Product Listing Ads (PLA's).

What he's talking about is just that - Google removing the righthand side Ads (RHS) replacing them with product listings and how it reduced the maximum number of Ads from 11 to 7. 

In fact RHS ads had a low click-through rate (CTR) anyway, but this change makes 18% of more clicks available because competition for space has decreased (choice is more limited).

He also talks about improving ranking through better bid strategy and improved quality score. 

And he knows what he's talking about as an ex-Googler.

You'll find it here and sorry, this Blog makes you cut+paste.

But if you're into SEO, you should read it.
We think anyway.