Friday, 4 March 2016

What we're listening to. Sam Cooke 'Live at The Harlem Square'.

'Live at the Harlem Square' (Harlem Square is actually in Miami btw) is also known as 'One Night Stand', Sam Cooke's second live album.

Recorded in January 1963 although only released in 1985, because the record label thought it might be damaging to his 'pop' image. He was known as the 'King of Soul' with Aretha, 'The Queen'.

It is generally regarded as one of the best live albums ever released.

And it comes with a great on, dear reader, read on....

The Album, from the spoken intro onwards, creates a great sense of a 'speakeasy' club. Intimate. 

'Chain Gang' you'll know and 'Cupid', 'Twisting the night away', 'Having a Party' but 'Bringing it all back home' is the cracking track. Notable too from the Van Morrison tribute ("Sam Cooke is playing on the radio" from 'Real Real Gone') and with Van's reference to "You send me" directly taken from 'Bringing it all back home'. A tribute indeed.

It's real soul.

Very worthy of the listen to understand the roots and the transition from Gospel to Soul. 

What we didn't know at all, was the manner of Sam Cooke's death at 33.

He was shot and killed, clad only in a Sport Jacket and shoes (no pants) by Bertha Franklin in The Hacienda Motel in LA, she was the Manager and it was ruled a 'justifiable homicide'. 

What happened was, she said, that Cooke broke into her office and attacked her. He was in a rage looking for a lady who had accompanied him to the Hotel earlier, whom she explained, wasn't there. 

In Cooke's rage and not believing her, he grabbed her so she shot him in the heart fatally.

At the time Bertha was on the phone to the Motel's owner (Evelyn Carr), who claimed to have heard the whole thing. 

The woman whom Cooke was looking for, was identified later (Elisa Boyer) because actually, she was also on the phone at a booth beside the Motel at the time to the police, saying she'd just escaped being kidnapped. 

She said, she had been with Cooke earlier that night socialising and when Cooke promised to take her home, he took her to the Motel against her will. When he took her to the room, he attempted to rape her (hence no pants) and then she escaped after a struggle.

Another view, because the family disputed all of this, was that she had gone willingly and was trying to rob Cooke (she took Cooke's clothes with her). 

Tests showed that Cooke was drunk.

That was December 1964, 10 months after the record was released. A tragic end to a great Soul singer. Have a listen.....

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Amazon. The New Fruit and Veg People.

Amazon, in a deal with UK retailer Morrisons, is going to sell fresh produce.

Under their 'Amazon Pantry' brand launched last year, subscribers (to Amazon Pantry and Prime) will be able to get fresh fruit/veg and some frozen products within, 60 minutes delivery.

It's a huge sector (probably £10 Billion pa) but instant/quick delivery of fresh produce is a real opportunity and, it may generate more volume in itself. Added to that, it's something else for Amazon to sell.


Ocado's shares are tumbling as a result now (-9%) because of the damage that this deal might do. Albeit Ocado has more than £1 billion in revenues but it too 'had' or has a deal with Morrisons as what they claimed was "exclusive" with "the contract preventing them from launching another service". Indeed.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Vice Media launches Viceland TV.

Vice Media has launched its cable TV channel 'Viceland' but it's also more 'multi device'. So it's viewable across multi platforms rather than just through Cable TV.

It will carry about 9 minutes of Ads in an hour and already has advertiser support from Clients like Toyota, Diageo, Unilever, Bank of America who are more into targeting that younger demographic.

Their main focus though is 'native ads' so yet again, we see the demise of the traditional 30 second commercial in favour of online video. Good. 

Traditional TV Ads are working less online than properly generated interesting content.

But Vice are hoping to move away from an output that features a barrage of Ads and makes the advertiser branding more engaging - more part of the programming. Bank of America for example, are looking at content that revolves around 'financial literacy' so useful stuff rather than 'Ads'.

Valued at over 4.5 Billion usd, it's a big foray for Vice Media. Success though, favours the brave.

Monday, 29 February 2016

88th Oscars. Chris Rock deals with it in Black and White.

All the Oscars black/white controversy, here's the way to deal with it.
Chris Rock's opening speech.

(He's the black guy in the white suit). 

In the olden days he says, "We were too busy being raped and lynched, to care about who won best cinematographer"....

Sorry though, they've taken down the YouTube Video because of rights issues so you can see it here on The Guardian - just cut and paste. But sorry.