Monday, 9 May 2016

The 'New Day' ends.

The new UK Newspaper called (bizarrely), 'New Day' has closed after only 9 weeks.

The last edition was Friday.

Published by Trinity Mirror (The Daily Mirror) it was aimed at those readers who had "fallen out of love" with Newspapers and clearly, well, they had. It seems a peculiar name and most peculiar targeting.

Expecting sales of 200,000 copies a day (at 25p), it reached only 30,000 and was supported by an extensive enough Ad Campaign (circa £5 million). The line was "Seize the New Day" which in itself, is hard to decipher.

But the imagery was all about the Social Media generation and one cannot think how it was envisaged that they'd switch back to traditional print? The mind boggles.

Having said all of that, there's jobs lost here and there's money lost which is sad. Very.