Monday, 25 April 2016

Ad Blockers Blocking illegal?

The Ad blocker problem rumbles on...

One of the clear (and clever) ways for Publishers to deal with Ad blocking is to not let readers who are using them, to see any content. 

The argument goes, that the content has to be paid for and Advertising is the way that does that. So if you block the Ads (using an Ad Blocker), there's no way of paying for the content.

So Publishers automatically detect you have an Ad blocker and deny you access. It follows the legal action against 'Brave', already featured on this Blog so is part of the story.

However, it might now seem that the very detection by publishers of Ad blocking is illegal because it's being done without permissions.

There's talk of a letter from The EU which outlines that privacy is the main issue and readers must give consent to have their Ad blocker well, blocked.

200 million people are using Ad blockers and Publishers are really suffering. This is another problem on top of that problem for them. Now that it's found it's way into the 'privacy community' and activists, will only add to it.

But remember! Video is not Ad blocked!