Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Vice Media launches Viceland TV.

Vice Media has launched its cable TV channel 'Viceland' but it's also more 'multi device'. So it's viewable across multi platforms rather than just through Cable TV.

It will carry about 9 minutes of Ads in an hour and already has advertiser support from Clients like Toyota, Diageo, Unilever, Bank of America who are more into targeting that younger demographic.

Their main focus though is 'native ads' so yet again, we see the demise of the traditional 30 second commercial in favour of online video. Good. 

Traditional TV Ads are working less online than properly generated interesting content.

But Vice are hoping to move away from an output that features a barrage of Ads and makes the advertiser branding more engaging - more part of the programming. Bank of America for example, are looking at content that revolves around 'financial literacy' so useful stuff rather than 'Ads'.

Valued at over 4.5 Billion usd, it's a big foray for Vice Media. Success though, favours the brave.