Wednesday, 23 March 2016

1.3 Million UK Homes have no TV. New BARB data.

People are watching less and less TV so they're not even buying one.

New UK Barb figures (the TV measurement group) show that in the UK over 1.3 million homes don't have a traditional TV simply because they want online video like Amazon and Netflix. That's 4.7% of homes in 2015.

That actually tallies in Streamabout, where 2 crew members have no TV for over a year. They simply say, when asked, 'Well, Why would I?'. Fair enough.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of UK Homes subscribe to an online broadcaster and that's up in a year from 14%. Netflix is the dominant brand with growth of 1.5 million UK subscribers last year alone.

We've blogged and blogged about the decline in TV audiences, despite broadcasters issuing dubious statements to the contrary. But not buying a TV set in the home is another very clear indicator of the TV decline. If you don't have a TV you can't access TV stations except for the few broadcasting free online).

And the markets know it, hence the declines in broadcasters share prices. The top 10 US TV shows last year, featured only 2 Shows and a massive 8 live Sports. Broadband speeds and penetration zoom on, as does online choice.

The game is up and online video marches on thankfully. The truth needs to be told by the broadcasters and their representative bodies to advertisers. Advertisers need to move quicker, online to video.