Wednesday, 17 February 2016

100 million hours of video watched on Facebook every day. And most still get it wrong.....

Facebook are reporting that people are watching 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. Yes, 100 million hours - nearly too big to contemplate. 

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A lot of it is on mobile and plays automatically (autoplay) silently to start in their news feeds. So a TV Commercial edit, just won't work and will be skipped - it needs to be relevant, engaging video that people want to click. Or that makes them want to.

So Facebook are trying to get advertisers to think like that (and not to just use their TV Commercials). One way is the use of captions early in the video which Facebook say (rightly in our view) increases engagement alone by +12%.

55% of people who watch the first 3 seconds, who will watch then watch the next 10 seconds and 45% will go to the end. So that opening sequence is really key.

Of course too, advertisers can opt to pay for viewers only when 100% of the video is viewed (passes through the newsfeed) if they wish. But the 'sound on/off' argument needs addressing by advertisers and it needs a mindset change for online video especially on mobile.

It's not traditional TV broadcasting and advertisers need to understand that and more and more therefore, your Ad Agency is not best placed to advise you on video. 

It's a different medium, it's a growing medium and less costly than TV. But more importantly, it can be greatly more effective. After all, when did you last share a TV Commercial?