Monday, 11 January 2016

Twitter launch new Ad format.

Twitter have launched to get ways to get the Twitterati talking about brands.

Looking at increasing the character length (from 150) - but importantly, a new Ad format that encourages people to tweet the advertisers message to their followers.

And that's far better, far more native, than it coming from the brand itself because a "friends" recommendation or tweet, is way more powerful. When the message is tweeted, the brand thanks you.

Called 'conversationals' it will have an easy button that when you click it, will be a pre-populated tweet with the advertiser message (as distinct from a simple 'retweet') which will include any photo or video. It can be amended or just tweeted as is.

But it comes from you. If you're influential, that's a big bonus and it might get a conversation started. can be targeted at those big influencers only or those in the demographic with large followings.

If it's engaging or interesting it will work but the content will be king. 

Say it's something like, "Who'll win the Aldi Baking Competition?" or "Who's the Gillette man of the match?" rather than, "Aldi make great bread", it will work.

It's all about native.