Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Turner may spell the end of TV Commercials replacing them with long digital video. Wow!

Fairly amazing story coming out of Turner Broadcasting in the US which could/should change the face of traditional broadcasting advertising.

They're going to announce that they will be turning their TV network into one big native advertising platform. Channels include CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT and others (it's a big cable player) but what they're doing is actually to change commercial breaks.

Instead of your standard 30 or 60 second commercial, they'll replace it with digital video that will tell a brand story in a native way. Perhaps 2/3 minutes long, instead of say, 5 x 30 second commercials, and put them on TV breaks. Not unlike what they've done on CNN with Subaru creating 'CNN Heroes'. 

It's actually far better for viewers who get to see long form engaging content, albeit sponsored and branded, rather than just Ads. And it's better for the broadcaster as they'll scoop up that digital video which Streamabout is so familiar with and creates.

It's the re-imagining of TV advertising and perhaps spells the end of TV commercials as we know them. Given that they're such a big player, it's hard for other traditional TV broadcasters not to take note. 

It's also a very right move for a traditional TV broadcaster in the digital age and for once, we applaud TV. 

Good thinking at Turner.