Thursday, 7 January 2016

Reaching out to Mums? It's all about Content, all about Video.

Interesting blog from about how content reaches out to Mums, not Ads.

They're saying that content helps to 'humanise' a brand and therefore that, more online video is needed rather than Ads which 'sell to'. We agree!

They also see a daily decline in banner Ads click-thrus and basically that Mums aren't interested in them. Particularly too, they note the prevalence of Ad blocking as a consequence - if we don't like the banner ads, let's not have them kinda' thing.

Mums too they find, are 'on the go' and therefore moving away from desktop onto mobile and other devices which makes sense. Note too that mobile formats for general advertising (not Video) are poor. About 30% of mobile ads are clicked by mistake anyway.

The last point is that of course, video content can be shared and Mums like to share. So if you are reaching out to Mums, here's an experienced site owner saying that you need to move to video and content. 

You can read the blog here;

And some quotes from it.

"Mums would like to see more content and particularly video content (Mykidstime Userneeds Survey 2015 of 1228 respondents)".

"A content article on Mykidstime can achieve 5.37% CTR – compared to 0.04% CTR on Banners."
"Between 60-70% of Mykidstime parents use phones or devices to access content. 91% of Mykidstime tablet users are female, 90% of Mykidstime mobile users are female compared to 81% desktop."