Friday, 23 October 2015

What we're listening to. Neil Young 'Harvest'.

'After the Goldrush' (1970) has already got a spot in what "we're listening to" and now Neil gets a second time.

'Harvest' is from 1972 and features The London Symphony Orchestra (honest guv) and was the best selling Album that year. No surprise because 'Heart of Gold' became every new guitar player's first lesson. The harmonica opening is just iconic. 

That's James Taylor too, doing backing vocals.

'Needle and the damage done' is actually recorded live and listen closely, you'll hear the audience clap at the start. 'A man needs a maid' is a cracking track as is 'Old Man' (for Young's old caretaker buddy). The older you get, the more cracking it becomes. 

This Album is Folk but it's Country. Mellow and charming. People in Streamabout have seen him live three times and not impressed, although he has a good reputation for gigs. Funny that. 

CSN are on there too but by this time they'd fallen out really since 1970 but go back together in '74. Young is Canadian by the way and 70. A really prolific songwriter and a leader.  

And Harvest is so well worth a look. It fits beautifully with 'After The Goldrush' as must haves, in any self-respecting record collection.

Heart of Gold, hear you go. 1971 (and look at the views. 47m+....)