Friday, 25 September 2015

What we're listening to. Wings 'Band on the Run'

One of the great quotes in here was when we were talking about The Beatles, one genuinely said, that they preferred them "when they were Wings". Right, understood.....

But Paul McCartney's 5th Album post Beatles (left 1970), was with Wings and 'Band on the Run' - it is their seminal Album. The Album cover featuring well known celebs of the time in 1973 (not unlike Sgt. Peppers?) was very talked about too - convicts in a prison spotlight. James Coburn, Christopher Lee, Michael Parkinson (really) and Clement Freud are all there.

"Jet" and of course, "Band on the run" got huge airplay making this McCartney's most commercially successful record to date. It was actually recorded in Nigeria (betcha' didn't know that) where Paul and Linda were robbed at knife point during the making.

It also marked the end of Henry McCullough with the Band, who rowed with Paul in rehearsals and quit leaving Denny Laine (ex Moody Blues) to take up the slack. 

"Bluebird", "Let me roll it" and "Helen Wheels" (only on some versions btw) are standout tracks too. But it's really pretty great all round whether you like McCartney or not. We don't and we did if you get our meaning.

Have a listen to 'Band on the Run' and the opening bars were so recognisable to a generation - in a 'Parklife' or 'London Calling' way. Magic.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

'Oyster' a great ebook idea, to close.

'Oyster', often called 'The Netflix of books' is to close its doors.
Which surprised all of us!

Started in 2013, the concept was to have unlimited access to books for a monthly fee of 9.95 usd. 

Just seemed like a great idea...however, its demise is blamed both on a lack of publishers (so a lack of availability of some books) and competition from Amazon Kindle through their own "unlimited" subscription model. Scribd is still going strong. 

To be fair too, Oyster seems to be winding down with promises of subscription returns on so on. 

Really such a pity for such a great little idea.