Friday, 17 July 2015

What we're listening to this week. Deep Purple 'Machine Head'.

A 'Machine Head' is the 6 tuning keys on top of a guitar by the way and this 1972 Album was recorded in Montreux Switzerland of course, featuring 'Smoke on the water' ("We all went down to Montreux, on the lake Geneva shoreline...).

The reference to smoke, is from Frank Zappa's December concert there where a fan set off a flare ("Some stupid with a flare gun, he burned the place to the ground") meaning Deep Purple had to change recording plans. 

The Album was recorded in a mobile unit owned by The Rolling Stones.

It is Deep Purple's most successful Album but fans will always point out 'Made in Japan' (featuring a superb live version of 'Lazy' which debuted here on 'Machine Head') and which was from the Japanese tour to promote this Album.

They'll also talk about 'In Rock' (featuring 'Child in time) as possibly better.
But it all starts here really on this Album.

Because it's heavy rock, it's not for everyone although it features the best Purple line-up; Blackmore, Lord, Ian Gillian on vocals (ex Black Sabbath), Glover and drummer Ian Paice (Paicey). Whilst there's no doubting of the strength of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, or Jon Lord on keyboards, the band is one of the tiny few where the drummer really leads it. Paice was Deep Purple.

Still, it's great for a change and perhaps opens doors into a genre of music that you mightn't normally have listened too. Went down well here anyway! Have a listen to 'Lazy' (give it a minute at the start) with the classic band line-up and actually this was recorded in advance of the Machine Head release......

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Likeagirl videos tops weekly viral charts at 16 million a week!

Likeagirl video tops viral charts with more than 16 million views in a week!

Produced by Agency Leo Burnett (for 'Always'), the Likeagirl videos really get attention after debuting last summer. They've beaten Duracell 'Teddy Bear' (12m views), Go Pro (7m), Amazon (6m) and Google (5m) this week.

What's interesting too, is that these videos are averaging about 2 minutes long so long form video is being watched and far more effectively than a traditional 30 second TV spot.

But the views at 16 million a week is stunning, given the no cost media per se and highlights yet again, the role online video can play in marketing comms. They are more effective in terms of views than traditional TV, longer and better in terms of storytelling but a real key to success is sharing which drives a video viral. 

When after all, was the last time you shared a TV Commercial?