Thursday, 10 December 2015

Irish Independent and Ad Age reports today on TV audience massive declines. Ads must switch to online digital video.

The growing crisis in TV Ad slump of ratings, continues.

A Report today in The Irish independent, "TV ads slump as viewers move to Netflix", showed a -25% slump in viewership from TAM (Nielsen) data in Ireland. Particularly acute amongst 15-34's and Housekeepers with children between 2013 and 2015.

Comreg also reported that 9% of Irish households have Netflix but a huge 18% of homes in Dublin have ad-free Netflix (which is the real market), spending a whopping 7 hours viewing a week. 

14% of those subscribers now no longer watch live traditional TV.

Therefore the traditional TV universe (the potential for an Irish audience to see Ads) has slumped.

We did of course know that, but it flies in the face of PR being put out by broadcasters claiming TV viewing remains static or growing. It isn't.

Just search 'TV' in the top left Search bar of this blog and you'll see many stories over many years, saying just that.

Today too, 'Ad Age' reports "No end in sight for TV ratings freefall..." again using Nielsen data to show that only 3 US shows year-on-year show ratings gain. NFL Football (live sports) being one of the three.

The average ratings decline, similar to Ireland, is -25%.

Of course, the story here is the switch to online digital video, growth that Streamabout only knows too well. And the Ad dollars will follow albeit at a slower pace. Indeed Facebook now reporting over 8 billion video views a day! In essence, they're broadcasting a Superbowl every day!

But what it does mean is that traditional TV broadcasters are going to have Ad sales difficulties unless they're state supported (RTE for example, receive circa 180 million euro from the Irish Government we believe).

Clients need to take cognisance too that TV is no longer the mainstay medium for brands - online video is. We can build brands, deliver more effective results and do it for less.

The TV game is up.