Friday, 13 November 2015

What we're listening to. Stephen Bishop 'Careless'.

Not a lot of people know about Californian Stephen Bishop, but those in the know, know 'Careless'. 

It was his first Album from 1976 and 'Save it for a Rainy Day' and 'On and On' were fairly big hits at the time. But it is a classic.

'Never Letting go', 'Madge', and 'Little Italy' are great tracks and it all comes in a traditional singer/songwriter vibe - he wrote all the tracks. 

Clapton features here (he notes Bishop as being a fan) as does Art Garfunkel, Andrew Gold and Chaka Khan - but it's a star lineup of session musicians of the time.

Great songs and the Album went gold at the time. Bishop then spent his time developing movie appearances and soundtracks with his most recent Album in 2014 (a live album).

But this is a star. 

Easy listening but with real melody and moving lyrics. Not for everyone, but if you like that James Taylor style, you'll love this. A very worthy addition to any collection. Smooth and Meaningful. Really.