Thursday, 15 October 2015

Facebook close the gap on YouTube.

Facebook are really pushing Video.

And to be fair, they're very much at the forefront of Video developments. With 4 Billion Video views a day (from their earnings call in April 2015) they're now getting close to YouTube (Google).

Although Facebook deliver Video better than YouTube because of the relevance of placing video in defined News feeds on Facebook. It's better than searching and advertisers get what they need.

They're now experimenting with 'Suggested Video' as a feature where users watch one video and then get offered similar videos that might be of interest - and therefore, growing video views, growing video revenue.

They're also looking at better ways to display video like 'floating' in news feeds.

Streamabout make and place, Video. We know the market and we do know that the video explosion is in no small way thanks to Facebook. 

Good on them.