Friday, 1 May 2015

What we're listening to this week. Doobies 'Southbound'.

Now we know, like you, we said we'd never buy another Doobie Brothers Album again....and then this comes along. 

Everything recently seemed like a new compilation of a previous compilation.

'Southbound' was only released last November and we've been playing it....stunning. 

It's more of a country version duet of all the Doobie classics supported by country music greats like Sara Evans, Vince Gill (on guitar only for some reason), Blake Shelton, Brad a new country way. 

Donna Summer's daughter, Amanda Sudano is here too on 'You belong to me' and pretty effectively at that.

Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons and Michael McDonald (who still sings like an angel by the way) together for the first time since 1976's 'Taking it to the Streets'. Yep, that's 40 years.

'Long train running', 'South City midnight Lady', 'What a fool believes', 'Takin it to the streets' and them all, are here.

Sara Evans does a great job on 'What a fool believes' which is really tricky to sing anyway.

But Michael McDonald.....ah, tremendous.
(By the way, he originally sung on Steely Dan's 'Peg' in case you didn't know!).

But it's all in a really fresh, new, beautiful way. 

Production values? Superb.
Cool listening? Perfect.

Get it.

And the original...