Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Google/Facebook Advertising gap, is widening......

On the Advertising Revenue side, it looks like Facebook and Google are hoovering it up leaving 'second tier' companies such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter (who's shares fell -26% last Tuesday) and even those less established like Snapchat/Vine, finding it hard to make Ad progress.

Those second tiers are showing time and again, that their Ad revenue is growing, but slowly and too slowly for investors.

The dominance of Facebook and Google is more than likely, to continue and so that 'gap' will widen

In 2014, both Google/Facebook had more that 30 Billion US Dollars (60%) of the 49 Advertising Billion spent - that's dominance. Which is why those other businesses need to move into niches - as LinkedIn has done for recruitment - for as long as Facebook/Google have the largest audiences (over a billion users a month) they'll always get the Ads.

Video too is where the Ad growth is and Google's YouTube is well positioned whereas for others, their video offerings are unclear and poor.

Of course too, these shares of tech companies are particular high, so one bump in the road causes real pain. Investors won't wait.

But even so, that Ad revenue gap will widen in display advertising between Facebook/Google and the others. Now, that's a problem.