Friday, 17 April 2015

What we're listening to this week. Stevie Earle 'I feel alright'

Summers here, put back the car roof, crank up the music and this is all you'll need - Stevie Earle 'I Feel Alright'. This will make you smile.

New 'country rock' from 1996 but now, hold on, you might not like 'country' so don't despair, it is and it isn't. 

It's country, it's blues, it's rock. Most of us for example, don't like his infamous 'Guitar Town' which was his breakthrough record because it's too country.

'I feel alright' refers to his recovery from drugs (heroin) and a stint in prison 2 years earlier. So the emotion is authentic.

His life was a bit upside down - married 7 times, divorced 6 - but was getting it all together. He's a brother-in-law of Shelby Lynne too. Pretty upsetting.

When you listen to 'You're still standing there' with Lucinda Williams, it's hard not to feel good - nevermind 'Hard Core Troubadour' or 'More than I can do'. Stevie is a big fan of Ireland too and we've seen him live here lots of times.

This is a feel good album - and here have a listen - but check out the last track 'You're still standing there' first!