Monday, 9 March 2015

Apple's Watch is on time. Today.

The launch today of The Apple Watch, is another milestone in the history of the company introducing, their first foray into wearable tech. It's as significant as the Ipad, Itunes or Iphone.

It's going to be available mid-April but with a starting price of about 350 usd and upgrades to about 550 usd. Not cheap.

Built into it, are a whole series of clever bits which no doubt, will extend in time but it does need to be paired with an Iphone 5 (or better) to work. 

It has a fitness app so you can "watch" (ha!) the calories you burn and select a goal every day. It also keeps track of heart rate for training. An easy interface allows you to swipe for weather, your calendar, your music and other stuff, like Uber.

Siri is in there too, so too email and instant messenger (text in effect). Plus you can take calls with an in-built mic. 

Many different faces too combined with an 18 hour battery (so you'll have to recharge your watch at night). And it tells the time - in whatever zone you move to.

Bizarrely it doesn't take pictures or video. You'd have thought there was a great GoPro opportunity there! 

But this will be a standard - we'll all have one - and possibly soon!