Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Superbowl shatters viewing record. The most watched TV Event in US history.

9 times in the last 10 years it's happened and it just happened again. The Superbowl last Sunday, shattered the viewing record.

Nielsen ratings show it to be the most watched TV Broadcast in US history with 114.4 million viewers live average. It peaked at over 120 million.

So the slow NBC Ad spot sales because of the 4.5 million price tag on a 30 second spot (up 500,000 dollars on the previous year) seems more justified as they did deliver the audience.

As it reached the end 4th quarter, 74% of US Televisions were tuned in. That was when the now infamous passing call inside the one yard line by Seattle, was intercepted, giving the Patriots the win.

What's not clear is whether Nielsen mean 'Televisions' or all broadcast devices (Ipads, Laptops, Mobiles etc) but that can only increase the viewing. 

Great game, good result and perhaps not won by Tom Brady but lost by Russell Wilson....

Because NFL is very USA led, viewership for The World Cup Final (350m+), Champions League, Olympic Games, all generate higher audiences simply because they've global appeal.