Thursday, 6 November 2014

Online Digital Video. You've made it, now what do you do with it?

There's a point about online video.
Once you've made it, what do you do with it?

According to Ad Age, General Electric put a video out online featuring Jeff Goldblum and within 24 hours, had 700,000 views (2 million today). Not bad, given that not a penny was spent on media promotion of it.

Notable too, is that it is over 2 minutes long (so none of your traditional 30 second messages) and the light bulb, sold out.

This is the exception though and not the rule. You can sit down and pray that things like that happen or you can help make it happen.

Creation of content is one part of the equation, distribution, another almost as vital.

Perhaps put in on YouTube's 'Trueview' Ads or Facebook's new auto-play video ads but perhaps too, place it on traditional online media such as news sites.

Paid for syndication or media buying, gets the video out there but it has to be good in the first instance, to get engagement and notably, sharing. 

However, the combination of both, creation and distribution, can be a lethally effective piece of marketing. You shouldn't have one without the other or at least, a clear understanding as to where the video is appearing.

Consider too, that in targeting different audiences, you may even cut/edit the video story differently to suit better, the audience watching it on different sites. One size doesn't always, fit all.

One thing for sure though. If you don't have an online've no chance.

And helps you do BOTH.