Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nice one Guinness.

Have to say I like this.

Guinness, the "All Blacks" (geddit?) and just as we come up to the November Internationals.

Nevermind that it features Wardy (2 drop goals and a converted try) and there's hardly a nicer man to grace Irish Rugby.

Of course when you think Munster and think of this match, you think Mossy Keane. Nicknamed by team mates as 'The Exorcist'. Why? Because he never went home until all the spirits were gone.

Munster G. A. McLoughlin, P. C. Whelan, L. White, M. I. Keane, B. Foley, C. Cantillon, C. Tucker, D. E. Spring, D. Canniffe, A. J. P. Ward, J. Bowen, G. Barrett, S. Dennison, M. Finn, L. A. Moloney
New Zealand B. R. Johnstone, J. E. Black, G. A. Knight, F. J. Oliver, A. M. Haden, W. G. Graham, G. N. K. Mourie, A. A. McGregor, M. W. Donaldson, E. J. Dunn, B. G. Williams, J. L. Jaffray, B. J. Robertson, S. S. Wilson, B. J. McKechnie