Wednesday, 30 July 2014

300 million views, over 6 million shares. The most shared Ad of all time.

The most shared Ad of all time. Shakira for Activia, knocking VW off the leaderboard.

Produced on May 22nd, before the World Cup with a World Cup theme, it has been shared over 6 million times and this clip alone on YouTube has 265 MILLION Views. Plus the clip is on so many times on YouTube it probably counts for another 50 million views and it's on Vimeo and other video sharers. That's staggering.

Fantastic for The Activia brand (on which I worked) and fantastic for Shakira. After that...well it's okay, not the greatest video I've ever seen but hey, who can knock it.

And yet again, we see the power of online advertising. How many years would it take TV to reach those views? Never. And oh, you can't share on TV either. Yet the only cost here was the production because video sharing sites are free. And then when a friend shares a video with a friend, it's more personal, more powerful than any Advertising.

Brilliant so.