Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Yahoo Prime View. They're charging for Ads that are seen. Viewer guaranteed.

Nice advertising innovation from Yahoo! Ads.

They're going to charge a premium for Ads which viewers see. 

Sounds ridiculous? 

Well, it isn't because in some cases, Ads are buried on pages or just don't load. So they're not seen.

Hence Yahoo! Ads will come with a viewable-only guarantee if you book advertising directly with them in the US.'s only on premium desktop at the minute and not mobile.

They've called it 'Prime View' and it overcomes the issue of Ads not being seen - 54% on average according to 'ComScore'.

This "viewability" guarantee as it's called, does however point to the amount of Ad inventory that's not being seen at all and hence the need for this type of innovation.

Advertisers will want this however and will pay a premium (Yahoo charge more for Prime) for viewed advertising stock with that guarantee. 

It's better than simply advertising blind or worse....advertising that no one sees. But somehow it's all a bit strange.......