Monday, 16 June 2014

Online Digital Video. It's growing. 19% year on year.

New BusinessInsider Reports that Digital Video Advertising is growing faster than all other online formats, except mobile.

They predict it will grow at 19% per year compound through to 2016. Traditional online display is growing at circa 3%.

Online video revenue is currently circa 3 billion and that will double to 6 Billion by 2016 and video ads have the highest click-thru of any digital format at circa 2%. So they're more effective because simply, if you watch a 2 minute video, you're more likely to be engaged and want to follow-up.

It generally supports all the other reports and opinions that the Internet is all about video. Viewers like them, publishers like them, advertisers like them and they have the real potential for sharing.

In fact, not having digital video as part of a campaign, is becoming a conspicuous gap. It's almost becoming standard.

They're easy to get done, inexpensive and engaging. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry but it's an opportunity for storytelling that's missed on a 30 second TV commercial. In fact, it's the freedom of space that every Ad Agency creative has always wanted.

But one thing is for sure....if you haven't got an online video, you've no chance of it being seen.