Monday, 26 May 2014

Twitter wins The European Elections.

As we're coming to the end of The European Elections, it's pretty clear that an anti-austerity vote will prevail as well as, or as a consequence, a shift to the extremes, left and right. 

Success for National Front in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, Sinn Fein and Independents in Ireland, UKIP in England and so on, show the shift. It does point to a de-stabilisation of Europe.....but it's absolutely clear that these parties were more techy and it helped them.

Can you win an Election in the future, without a clear strategy and focus on Twitter? Unlikely. 

The reason too is the declining impact of traditional TV throughout the day and their political restrictions. Twitter doesn't have any of that.

Building audiences on Twitter is now key to getting elected as much as being active on Twitter. It's more important than local clinics.

Indeed, parties are opening special Twitter accounts where constituents can tweet in issues for comment or to generate response. Like the freephone telephone numbers of old. Twitter help.

Twitter has also said that it's happy to facilitate (in a media way) any campaign commercially, which shows it recognises its own role. Furthermore it fundamentally reduces the role of National media supporting one candidate or one party over another. Those days, it seems, are going.

And what that shows is the democratisation of Elections. Twitter is unbiased (save the opinions from those you choose you follow) and it's free as well as being national or global.

It's allowing poorly funded political groups, whom in the past wouldn't have large media access, an opportunity to be heard on a level playing field. The party that does a good job on Twitter, will probably be the one that makes ground.

And that's a good thing.