Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Google Soldiers. New applications for Google Glasses.

Google Glass has a new application - Google Soldiers.

US Soldiers (and I guess, others) are looking at equipping troops in the field with Google glasses. What it will allow them to see, is video.

Perhaps video of soldier positions from over a hill from drone sky footage; perhaps a close look at a house or enemy position; perhaps better live maps of terrain; all in full colour and possibly in 3D. 

Developed in the UK by BAE, in a secure network, it will be a huge military advance.

But it does also open the possibility of other applications that may be extremely useful. We've already seen leisure applications such as video of yourself, skiing.

But Rescuers, such as lifeboats, being another one. Clear views of a distressed ship status by sending out a video drone in advance and beaming back to a lifeboat member. 

Or Police drone footage relayed to pursuing vehicles in a car chase saves the cost of helicopters as well as, making that information more readily available. Every police station could have a video drone.

Or Medical applications through live video links to a hospital as a doctor tries to help someone off-site. Australia's bush doctors would be glad of them!

Or Traffic drones, helping cars see traffic blocks ahead so as to avoid them.

Google Glasses might just be becoming more than just smart leisure wear. 
And perhaps, helping develop business opportunities.