Monday, 20 January 2014

Amazon's Sunday Delivery happening. It's not about Digital, just better business.

After all the talk, interesting to see Amazon's announcement this weekend that it will launch a Sunday delivery service.

Starting in 7 areas in the UK but becoming the norm, it's about getting deliveries to people who might miss them (or not be around to get them) during the week. It will be a permanent feature in London from the get go.

They've already tested them in December and they are free to members of Amazon's 'Prime' Service.

This is nothing whatsoever to do with digital. 

Simply, it's just better business that happens to come from a digital business. If people want Sunday deliveries (and clearly Amazon's test show they do), then give it to them. There is no reason why existing traditional retail couldn't have done it and yet because they haven't, they'll now scramble to keep up.

Online sales already account for about £1 in every £5 spent. Better customer service through Sunday delivery, will grow that. 

Traditional retailers have been dealt another blow. Hard to think of an excuse for them though. 

This is just, Better Business.