Thursday, 14 November 2013 to re-create JFK assassination as it happened, 50 years ago, on Social Media.

Lovely idea from

To mark the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963 (yep, 50 years ago) they will be streaming the exact news, as it happened, minute-by-minute. So a complete re-creation of the tragic day.

We all know the iconic Walter Cronkite reporting on the day itself for CBS. (note the report from Dan Rather here!).

They'll continue it for 4 days to include the funeral itself and I would think, the swearing in of LBJ on the plane with Jackie Kennedy (to become the 36th President). 

If you want to read a great book about it, look no further than Robert Caro's 'The Passage of Power' possibly the best book I have ever read. Or one of them (because his previous 3 in the series were just as good!). 

CBS will also be live tweeting as it happens too and using Facebook and Instagram. 

Lovely idea to remind you that CBS were at the forefront of news and still are. And a great use of Social Media.

You'll find it here from 630pm GMT.