Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wearable computing begins. The Samsung Smartwatch launches September 4th.

The new generation of wearable computing kicks off on September 4th with Samsung's launch of its smartwatch believed to be called 'Galaxy Gear'.

It will make calls, receive calls, email, text, access the web and wait for it, tell the time. It's believed to have a camera integrated into the strap.

Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on versions of their own but the Korean company is first to market - a big first mover advantage and sure to steal the PR inches. It beats Google Glasses to a full launch, another long awaited wearable concept, although out there amongst a select few. The Sony Smartwatch is already out there but hey, who knows about it.

It will run on Android with a small key pad but brings mobile into a new space and will further the growth in mobile applications. It's much easier to wear a watch than carry a phone. Rumoured cost about 250 usd and it'll come in 5 colours.

Interesting times as we move into the wearable generation.