Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Iphone in September will come with a trade-in offer. Great marketing.

We've come a long way since 1983.

The new Iphone release is rumoured to be on September 10th according To Mashable and the 20th from The Huff Post - but we know it's coming sometime in September. They'll want it in the stores by November for the lucrative Christmas rush.

There's talk of new colours (a graphite grey, gold?), super HD screen, 2 handset sizes, better camera/flash, better battery, a possible fingerprint scanner, faster processor, a cheaper alternative, the name (5S instead of 6?) and so on, doesn't seem to be real exciting. But we'll see. Apple always surprises.

However, there is strong talk of a trade-in programme launch which is a great marketing idea. Although some carriers (O2, Vodafone) already offer trade-ins on all phones as you try to get your "free" upgrade, an Iphone trade-in notably in Apple stores, will get the cash coming in.

Given the saturation of Iphones (which is actually the biggest market problem and notably for Samsung growth) and given the high cost of new models, a formal trade-in is a good marketing trick. Once everyone has a smartphone, it's difficult in these straightened times, to sell them a new one. So a trade-in upgrade is one good idea.

Basically it's one way of giving a "discount" on new phones without damaging the brand values and the old phones have a resale value. So it encourages constant upgrading and keeps stock turning.

Expect this to be announced at the launch and I've no doubt it's a great trick that will boost sales of the new Iphone

Will they trade in Blackberrys and Samsungs against a new Iphone I wonder? I would.