Friday, 23 August 2013

Microsoft's 'Crazy Steve' to retire. Here's the video that explains why he's called crazy.

Want to know why he's called Crazy Steve Ballmer? Have a look at the video above. If it's not playing, you'll find it here

So there you have it, the CEO who gave me more blog space than any other, is about to retire at 57 and "within 12 months" or, "when a successor is found". Whichever is quicker. 

Microsoft's "transition" (according to them) to "a device and service company", meant if he didn't go now, they wouldn't have a CEO longer term to oversee this "new direction" (their words).

"Crazy" Steve Ballmer.

I wrote about the awful practices at Microsoft on his watch exposed by Vanity Fair here and again here

The poor performances and launches here

And at the time that he slammed the Iphone never mind, as you'll see in my blog, his dismissing of the Android. If it's not playing it's here

Still, as you'll see from the top video on this blog, he'll be missed in his own way. Seemingly though, perhaps not by the markets.

Following the announcement today, shares have jumped. 
Up 9%.