Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Netflix makes another content move. Deal done with Turner + Warner. This is some company.

Netflix is moving on with more content deals. Having the cash, allows it to compete with traditional broadcasters and win, snagging content deals that will propel it into outer space.

Netflix knows well too, that they've "got away" with poor content already and have clearly identified their content as a weakness. Something to be admired in a company.

Their positioning as a more "children" brand - insofar as they see that as being the initial hook to get subscribers - means they've a kids content focus. So now they've done a deal with Turner and Warner Brothers bringing past series of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, starting in March.

Animation's Green Latern and TNT's Dallas will arrive in 2014. Cartoon network includes Johnny Bravo and every parent's nightmare, Ben 10. Robot Chicken and Children's Hospital are amongst many that's included - you mightn't know them, but your kids do. Very well.

The list of programmes is endless.

The Warner Brothers selection includes The West Wing, Chuck, 666 Park Avenue and Revolution. Previously Warners had said they didn't want this content streamed but seem to have succumbed to the inevitable.

Netflix has also arrived on Windows 8.

The growth of Netflix, notably in 2012, has been staggering and I don't know how many times I've blogged Netflix but it's a lot - simply, it's hard not to because this is a business that just keeps in the news. Always doing stuff.

The regrettable administration of HMV in these islands will of course give Netflix more customers and, lest we forget, we're not even at the stage where integrated TV's are omni-present in the domestic market. Imagine when they are, Netflix will rule the world.

The losers in all of this? DVD rental and traditional TV. 
The winners? all of us. 

This is a real champion of the digital world.