Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Google's new Chrome browser has a new focus. Voice. This could be the next wave.

The manner in which we input data - typing that is - is both tedious and old fashioned. Like touchscreen has taken over the phone, voice commands will now take over email, twitter, desktops and computing.

Apple's 'Siri' is an example of that and although cumbersome at the start (and a bit of a novelty) intelligent software allows it to recognise your voice to make it better. But all the talk is of improving voice recognition.

Now the new Google chrome browser (version 25) comes with it, a good attempt at voice commands, notably for email and web apps. On a phone or tablet, voice commands are very useful but also now on desktops.

Google's Chrome demo is about speaking to create an email so they've highlighted it as the feature.

Whilst there are software versions available to download - such as HAL and Dragon - the system is yet to be perfected so that commands are better understood. But have no doubt, it's getting much, much better and with a focus from Google and Apple, it could become the next wave.

One would think that if voice recognition worked as it might, we'd all be using it and such is the market scale that it's getting real focus. Tweeting by voice is a clear example of the need never mind email.

Voice tweeting you can already do but in a small way using brands like Shoutomatic which I've blogged about before. Wholesale voice is coming.

It could well be the next wave.