Friday, 18 January 2013

Apple's marketing conundrum in China. Answered.Brilliantly.

Only last week I blogged about Tim Cook's announcement that Apple was going to make China it's "number 1 market". However, my point was that it created a marketing conundrum. (

If Apple stayed premium priced (as it is) then few Chinese could afford it. If it dropped prices, then that would have a global affect on the brand as it re-positioned itself more downmarket. It suffers hugely from lower priced competition anyway in the form of Samsung who outsell the Iphone 4:1.

So it was an interesting marketing issue.

Today we have the answer. What Apple have done on its China website is to let buyers pay for products in instalments and mostly, over two years. So the price remains the same, but the payment plan is structured to be affordable. Good solution, leave it to Apple.

It's only for purchases been 48 usd and 4,800 usd and some additional fees are paid at the end, presumably to cover the cost of credit. An Iphone in China is 850 usd, well outside the average Chinese salary (averages 577 usd per month) and dreams but this way, it puts it into affordable reality.

Apple is currently the 6th biggest player in China but only starting.
This is a great solution and great marketing.

Simple yes, but then you have to think of it and implement it.
I wouldn't have.