Friday, 29 June 2012

Internet heavy weights produce a terrific video to support kids project Code Club. What a brilliant video you'll really enjoy.

Well okay, here's something outside of the norm that's not about brands, finance, billion dollars valuation for once. And a really terrific video for a Friday.

It's about kids. And it's an extraordinary venture by our neighbours in the UK to teach kids aged 10-11 to code. Called Code Club it was started by Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik who met in January at New Adventures Conference in Nottingham and accidentally came up with the idea for Code Club.

What they want to do is to make coding fun and interesting, giving kids online skills - exactly what they need - through a nationwide network of volunteers.

You'll see from the video that they've been able to rope in some heavy hitters who really play a great part as mock interviewees. They really show great self-deprecating spirit. Non less so than HRH THe Duke of York ("we were hoping for Prince Harry to be honest with you Mister Windsor" says one kid). 

"I'm Chad Hurley, I started youtube", says Chad - kid responds - "Oh did you do the one where the baby bites the other babies finger?". Lol. Next. 

"What's you name?" says kid, "(Sir) Tim Berners Lee" he responds, "And what do you think you bring to the table?" responds the kid, "well, I invented the world wide web"....."anything else?" retorts the kid. Smashing.

The video was unbelievably concepted, scripted, filmed in one day at the 2012 Founders Forum and pretty damn good it is. Credit to Fred Destin's team. 

It's something we should support, tweet @codeclub and the blog is here

We should give our children these skills as they move into a future that is going to be dominated by the web.

It's the sort of thing countries like Ireland, who promote ourselves on our technology base cache, could easily get going as could any country with an interest in their children's future. Low cost relevance for once and not an IPO potential in sight.

Good for them.