Monday, 30 May 2016

Food glorious Food. It's big on Video

Food videos attracted 23 Billion Video Views last year (mostly on YouTube and Facebook) according to data published in The Financial Times. Pinterest of course is huge on Food (and Fashion) as indeed is Instagram

So popular are they, that a threat from the BBC to remove them from its website (as part of an effort to save £15m a year) saw 100,000 people sign a protest petition.

Streamabout knows that too, Cooking delivers high audiences on video and recipes are replayed/shared a lot.

It's a category that's ideal for grocery retail through showing the recipe video and then delivering the ingredients on a click through. Or indeed any complementary products (wine, water, tableware, coffee, safe food organisations, brands looking for conviviality and so on).

Food video are huge. And they're going to be huge...r.