Friday, 1 April 2016

What we're listening to. Michael Jackson 'Off the Wall'.

Spike Lee's excellent Documentary 'Journey from Motown to Off the Wall', spiked our interest in what we always knew was a great Album. It also marks Spike Lee's ongoing interest in Michael Jackson.

The documentary premiered at Sundance in February and it's a really excellent reminder of the time and the record. If you see it along the way, watch it.

This Album is from 1979 it was in fact, Jackson's fifth studio album but notably his first with Producer Quincy Jones over which there were great doubts in the business when it became known - he was seen as too 'jazzy' a producer. 

Jackson and Jones became friends in making 'The Wiz' (a version of The Wizard of Oz) in 1978 (with Jackson as The Scarecrow) but Jones is undoubtedly, the stunning producer of the decade. It is Jones, that in our view, finds that Michael Jackson sound.

Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney wrote two of the songs on the record, Jackson wrote three and including 'Don't Stop til you get enough' but all of them marked a big departure from his 'Motown Sound'. In fact it was also a controversial move away from Motown's Berry Gordy and into the hands of Epic Records. Perhaps seen (and certainly by Gordy) as disloyal given that Motown had developed Jackson's career. But Motown's control was the issue and Jackson wanted creative freedom.

It's funk, disco and ballads ('She's out of my life') and remains one of the best selling Albums of all times with lots of awards (8 times platinum, Grammy Hall of Fame). 

'Rock with you', 'Workin' Day and Night' is a real disco classic (and Streamabout's favourite here), as is 'Get On the Floor' and 'Off the Wall' has all the production values of 'Thriller' which followed this record in 1982. 

Thriller was another Quincy Jones record too ('Billie Jean', 'Beat it') and in itself, 'Thriller' is THE best selling Album of all time and by a long way at that.

So 'Off the Wall' is the roots of 'Thriller' which brings Jackson total infamy.

It should be remembered too, that Jackson recorded 'Off the Wall' aged 21(!), remarkable in itself and he died aged 51 in 2009. 

There can be little doubt that he was a genius and a sublime vocalist nevermind, magnificent dancer (and a huge fan of Gene Kelly). Just an extraordinary man who ended so tragically. Such a loss.

Now listen to this, get into the groove and just try not to shake it baby.....the magic of Michael Jackson....

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