Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Spotify to launch Video online.

Spotify are to launch Video.

Initially to Android App users (mobile only), it will start in The UK, Germany and Sweden (funny enough). Clearly too, it's probably going to be music-led videos but there's no reason not to extend that into Sports, News, Entertainment and so. 

Spotify understand that the money is in online video and follow Facebook/Twitter/YouTube if you have an audience and they do. 75 million with 20 million of them subscribing.

A very appealing younger demographic and one which tends to be 'sticky' and which can be brought to relevant video depending on their choices.

Of course a movie service wouldn't be out of the question either we assume...

With a current valuation of 8.5 Billion usd, this will add to that, although it's not yet profitable and whilst this video service will be 'ad free', assume that should also say 'initially'.

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