Thursday, 10 December 2015

What we're listening to. Bad Company 'Straight Shooter'.

Now this is a gem that cheers you up!

From 1975 it features the bands best known tracks 'Good lovin' gone bad' and 'Feel like makin' love' but every song is terrific. 

'Weep no more', the classic 'Shooting Star' (story of a rock star who dies early seemingly about Hendrix) 'Call on me' and the beautiful 'Anna' all make it a great Album. 

Paul Rodgers the lead singer had left 'Free' with Simon Kirke who both formed Bad Company ("All right now") and Rodgers vocals are superb (he later toured with Queen post Freddie Mercury). It was their second album in a classic 'hard rock' vein with their first Album being a great success. So they were very much in the groove.

Paul Kossoff (Koss) also a former 'Free' member was always on the fringes of Bad Company and expected to tour until his sudden death in 1976 (aged 26) on an airplane of all places, from heroin problems. He has to be considered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and his headstone epitaph reads, 'All right now'. His father David, a well known actor, spent his life as an anti-drug campaigner after Paul's David. 

They were a very British band and very much of the era, but the Album is timeless. It's ballady and rocky but really interesting stuff that gets you going. Don't get put off either by the 'heavy rock' label, it's much more than that with great melodies. One you can always put on when sitting at home. Or in the office as we did. A real gem to have.

Have a listen and you'll get a sense...