Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ad Blocking. The story goes on.

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The Ad blocking story goes on.

A story in today's shows 18% of Irish users (676,000) blocking ads online and if that's's pretty extensive. The UK is a massive 20% and Germany 25%.

So that's a lot of people not seeing your banners or Ads placed in content. Pure video is of course, not part of it because they're not 'Ad blocked' as such.

The report compiled by Adobe in conjunction with PageFair, estimates the cost to Irish online publishers alone, at 100 million usd a year. Apple too are more and more allowing ad blocking extensions, as does Google Chrome, in their software (notably IOS9) and there are now 198 million (USA 45m) users globally, using ad blocking. Up +41% in a year.

Gaming is the most blocked category (27%) and of course it's more common in that 18-24 year old demographic. Mobile blocking is low but surely that will change we would think? In fact if ever you wanted to block an ad, it's on mobile mostly.

The problem here is for publishers obviously.

Users gain through higher download speeds and less intrusion but publishers lose revenue. And in this day of traditional media owners trying to replace traditional advertising falls with increases from their digital properties, it's a big issue. They're suffering already.

The solution? Native advertising, where promotions appear not as Ads, but as content. Sponsorship another of news pages or of reports or sections. 

But the Banner Ad as a format, was well passed its sell-by date anyway and this will only accelerate that demise.

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