Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Jinx. One stunning documentary.

Rarely do you come across something as riveting a documentary as 'The Jinx'. Over 6 one hour parts, it's stunningly good and as you may have seen, the last episode brought a flurry of new legal activity.

It's available to download now, this side of the pond, on Sky Atlantic. Ideal Bank Holiday weekend viewing.

But no spoiler here.
You have to see it and we bow down to the Production values, the filming, the editing...everything. It's a story magically told.

It tells the true story of 'Bobby' Robert Durst, heir to a famous and extremely wealthy New York real estate family and murder just seems to follow him. 

Directed by Andrew Jarecki, who also produced a movie about the story called "All good things" which in turn, brought on the documentary (because Durst wanted to give an interview having seen the film).

Jarecki is famous too for the very excellent 'Capturing the Friedmans' and 'Catfish, the TV show' but The Jinx will be hard to equal.

Produced with HBO, there's no digital point to make except that these types of documentaries now get made because the outlets to show them have increased. But then, maybe great film work would've got made anyway. 

And great this is.