Friday, 12 December 2014

180 million + views. Now that's what you call a viral video

Whilst this link shows 162m views, I've seen the video reposted on YouTube so many times with one repost receiving over 20 million alone.

It just shows too, the style of video people want, to be entertained and that applies equally, to brands. Tell them a story and brighten the day.

It also shows what can be achieved. There's no media budget that can achieve 200 million views. None.

Except online digital video.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Personal Flying. The future is not far off.

I've dealt with this before - personal flying - and how some countries such as New Zealand are allowing testing. Latest testing from Dubai you'll see for yourself in the video.

It's nothing to do with online per se (except it's a lovely video) but to do with the future and innovation.

As we develop electric cars, tesla cars, google driverless cars.....I believe quickly they'll become old technologies.

The future of getting to work and to school, is personal jet packs. I'm convinced our children will do it as standard. Especially with the developments already taken place, this is only 10 years away.

The idea of getting from A to Z on congested roads, eating up carbon fuel and taking hours doesn't make sense. What takes an hour by car now, will take 10 minutes by air. Car manufacturers should get on board now.

So which do you think, will consumers demand?
I have no doubts.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"Yet more evidence that Advertisers are pulling money out of TV" - says Business Insider.

Business Insider UK, reports that there is now "quantifiable evidence" of advertisers switching away from TV.

It's based on the US Standard Media Index which pulls about 80% of US Ad Agency spend including the 5/6 Global Networks. In October, it showed a further drop of 9%.

Mightn't sound like a lot, but it is considerable especially in a high sales month like October. 

TV viewing declined too, by -4%.

And given that it was October, it's normally the pre-booking period for Christmas which traditionally kept TV prices high. So advertisers are now switching to more flexible media such as online digital video. Digital Advertising grew +11%. Newspapers grew +5%. 

So it looks like digital video is now starting to take advertising dollars away from TV. A shift that has been well predicted and in fact, was slow in coming.

Omnicom recommended to clients earlier this year, to switch 10-25% of budgets away from TV onto online video.

The audience has shifted.
Now it looks like Advertisers and Agencies are shifting too.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Facebook's biggest shares in October 2014

Newswhip have published the top Facebook shares for October (which they developed via Spike).

The Huff Post leads the way with 67 Million interactions in the month. PlayBuzz and BuzzFeed come in ahead of the likes of Fox News and NBC - never mind The New York Times.

So it again points to the rise in online sites developing "news" over traditional sites. And frankly, the sites doing well are more "entertainment" driven rather than hard news reflecting too, the desires of a Facebook audience.

But still, the numbers are pretty stunning....