Monday, 24 November 2014

Mobile overtakes TV in The USA for the first time.

There's always a reason why people pay to produce Reports. Normally, to further their business and rarely do you see companies producing reports that show they got it wrong!

However, whilst they should be taken with a pinch of salt, they are helpful in identifying trends and probably re-enforce what we thought anyway. And thank you to John Fleming, him a 'Tripp Crystal' App developer, for pointing it out to me.

So this one by 'Flurry' shows that mobile has bumped US TV Screens for the first time. Nearly 3 hours a day usage versus 2.48 hours and remaining static.

So the growth in mobile marches on and particularly because of functionality. You can do more on your mobile (email, apps, calendar, etc) than you can do on your TV and it has the key advantage of being in your pocket all the time.

Equally to, the development of the mobile into basically a 'pocket pc', means it can do more and more. Like watching TV or online video. It also shows, as Flurry would like you to see, that Apps have greater and greater potential.

Seems to me anyway, to make perfect sense.
Mobile is and will continue to march on.

Advertisers be aware.