Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New BusinessInsider Report. Video Ads replacing TV.

Video Ads are growing faster than any other medium according to a new report from the reliable BusinessInsider. It is exploding.

Not only that, they're replacing TV and have the highest click-thru than any other digital format.

As TV declines by circa -3%, Video Ads are growing +100% year-on-year and will reach 5 Billion usd by 2016 (from 2.8 Billion in 2013).

That's much faster than any other form of digital display as the medium attracts more advertisers. Programmatic buying, RTB is also driving their usage and viewability as well as new video platforms.

This is simply part of a story of an ongoing trend that sees Video online becoming the new advertising driver. They're becoming easier to find (YouTube is the second biggest Search engine after Google), easier to share and more engaging than a traditional 30 seconds of TV commercials. 

They're also much lower cost delivering a full mediaplan significantly (-70%) less than a TV expenditure and delivering higher audiences with full analytics regarding reach/frequency.

They do more, for less.

You'll get the report here 

But you'll get video ads from Streamabout.