Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nielsen/BusinessInsider Report on the decline of TV. Especially amongst males 18-24. Time for Digital.....

Important piece in BusinessInsider (again!) about what they call, 'Millennial Males'. In effect, that younger, highly lucrative, Males aged 18-24.

They're a crucial demographic because they've high levels of discretionary spend. Which they use on beer, nights out, clothing, drinks, save a bit, perhaps start their first mortgage.....

But according to Nielsen, their TV viewing has slumped, more than any other demographic.

And because of that, Advertisers are switching to digital to reach them by increasing their marketing spends online (from TV) by up to +30%.

Consequently the reach to this demographic, increased by +11% when they did.

So if you try to reach them on TV, as the report says, "you're spending too much on TV" because that's where they're not, more and more.

But I would go further.

Whatever about the numbers in the decline of TV, the level of engagement and potential for click-through action, only exists online. You can talk to them far better through a digital online video than a 30 second TV commercial anyway.

Perhaps I'm bound to say that but I can say that the effectiveness of simply using a TV commercial cut-down is practically....nil.