Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cable TV sinking fast. -11% audiences drop off to be replaced with online. 18% of households dropped it too. The game is up for TV.

Cable TV is sinking. Fast.

2013 was its worst year on record with a -11% decline in audiences. 

Fox, MSNBC, CNN and so on have been in decline since 2009 and largely because 82% of Americans get their news from desktops or 54% from mobile devices (according to Pew Research). But we knew that anyway.

The sharpest decline was in their lucrative primetime spots.
Yet, their advertising revenue is growing!

So what we are seeing is the time lag between audiences declining and advertisers moving to digital. More than a little crazy...but it will come. Advertising money follows audiences as sure as night follows day.

Online media is of course, showing growth as a result.

And it would seem that the core problem here is news what has traditionally been the 'hook' for TV viewing. The scheduling needs of traditional TV for their 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock breaks, means that their news is 'out of date' by that time having been broken online, earlier in the day.

Last year, over 18% of US households with a Netflix or Hulu account, dropped cable. So by not having it, obviously decreases viewing.

Traditional TV Broadcasting, is over as we know it.