Monday, 28 April 2014

BskyB responding to the decline in Cable TV through new digital offerings.

The problems with 'cord cutters' and the collapsing of pay TV (cable TV) has not gone unnoticed at BSKYB according to The Telegraph.

They are preparing a major overhaul of their service and their set-top boxes to allow customers access to any programme on any device. They are also looking at Sky+, using the cloud (rather than the local box drive) to store programmes allowing greater accessibility.

The multi-screen technology will also allow greater advertising opportunities possibly targeting customers by post code. Direct selling.

They also plan to introduce 4K (very high definition programming) and a 'film to own' service.

Of course, Sky aren't the only ones bringing Television across many devices with Google and Amazon already in the market and Netflix is signing deals. Traditional TV will become just a part of their subscription service (funny how it used to be the other way around!). Apple of course, are there too.

But good to see traditional TV broadcasting embracing digital and getting into the space rather than usually, running from it. Sky, at least, are responding.

The only downside to the story is that it's "a year or two away" which is a long time in politics as they say - but a generational time in digital. They'll need to move faster, but at least, they're moving.